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Bill Sadler, 1923

Bill Sadler Built the Clear Lake Bandstand in 1923, along with many other buildings and homes.

Around 100 years ago, a fellow named Bill Sadler gathered several loads of field rocks from local farmers and set out to build what is now the Clear Lake Bandstand. Situated on the triangular shaped corner of First Avenue (County Road A) and Second Avenue, just East of 5th Street, the bandstand is a unique building with a rich history.

The Bandstand will be turning 100 years old in July of 2023. A group of local enthusiasts have gathered to brainstorm ideas for an event to commemorate the bandstand this summer. If you’re interested in joining in the fun, please plan to attend our next meeting, Thursday, February 16, at 6 p.m. in the Chronicle reading room, Ste 203 of the Clear Lake Community Center, 560 5th Street, Clear Lake, WI.

Mr. Sadler was one of the premier builders of the day, and heavily sought out by many local businesses and homeowners. He built dozens of homes, businesses and churches in Clear Lake. Among many other things, he built two dams on the Apple River, south of Amery, the original First Lutheran Church on 5th Street in town (now the Sanctuary Resort), the former bank (now Kivlin Eye Clinic), and even reconstructed the old gym at the old high school to create the cafeteria and kitchen, and the former library below (now Sunshine Fitness).

Not long after the construction of Black Brook Dam, in 1923, Sadler & Peirson Construction built the cobblestone bandstand that still stands in Clear Lake. Stay tuned for more interesting facts about the bandstand, Bill Sadler, and the upcoming event. And, please join us!

Story reprinted from February 2023 Clear Lake Chronicle newspaper.

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