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Clear Lake Centennial 1875-1975

In 1975, the town of Clear Lake, Wisconsin, celebrated 100 years since incorporation. Among the festivities, townsfolks got into the spirit by dressing in historically accurate attire and attending a Centennial Ball. Men were encouraged to grow a beard or pay a fine which was used as a fundraiser. Women busily sewed prairie-style dresses and bonnets to adorn during the celebrations.

WIXK Radio marked this milestone with a special series commemorating the town's history: Clear Lake in Review.

Additionally, a 244-page commemorative Clear Lake Centennial book was published, chronicling the 100 years since Clear Lake's inception as well as featuring local community members and businesses in 1975.  


In 2023, the Clear Lake Centennial book was digitized and a helpful Table of Contents and Index were added. These books are available for purchase now at our museum. For more information, please contact us.

The Clear Lake Historical Museum is dedicated to preserving the history of Clear Lake and the surrounding region. We are proud to be a part of the area's rich heritage. We strive to keep our community connected to their past with a variety of exhibits, workshops, and events.

WIXK Radio Series: Clear Lake Centennial

The WIXK Radio Series: Clear Lake Centennial spanned several weeks of radio broadcasts. These radio show featured interviews with local community members and business people about their involvement with Clear Lake. The broadcasts led up to the centennial celebration in 1975.


Recordings were made on reel-to-reel tape, which were later transferred to CDs by the Wisconsin Historical Society.  Recently, those CDs were digitized and posted on Youtube for your listening pleasure. Please visit the Clear Lake Heritage Museum Youtube Channel to hear them all.

Farmers Cooperative Creamery

One of the radio broadcasts featured representatives from the Farmer's Cooperative Creamer in Clear Lake: Bill Barthman and Arvid and Mary Monson. 

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