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Bandstand Renovations by Student Earth Day Crew

On Friday, May 5, a group of CLHS students dedicated their service learning project to rehabbing the bandstand with a fresh coat of paint. Villagers unanimously voted to do away with the blue paint that has adorned the trim for decades, and opted for a more subtle cement-colored gray. The efforts were led by teacher, Mrs. Kristi Niles, and joined by and Bandstand committee members, Wendy Schoggins and Brian Hecht who is also performing with the Bluesers at the June 22nd performance, Students included Tena Schoggins, Blake Harris, Dylan Laberee, Steven Wood, Zoey Duden and Josh Iverson.

The freshly painted bandstand with Senator Gaylord Nelson's childhood home in the background. Nelson grew up in Clear Lake and went on to create Earth Day in 1970.

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